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Toy Story 4 Collector's Edition

Toy Story 4
JJP Flyer Godfather LE.jpg
JJP Flyer Godfather LE.jpg

Player-Controllable Spinning Disk Take-Down amplifier toy


• Carnival Red Powder Chrome Armor
• Individually Numbered CE Plaque – Limited to only 1,000 Units
• Pixar Luxo Ball Shooter Knob
• Exclusive Playfield Artwork with Sparkle Accents
• RadCal Cabinet Art Package by John Youssi
• Mirrored Backglass & Art Blades
• Fiber Optic Fireworks Topper with Flying Duke Caboom Mech
• 450+ Individually Controlled RGB LEDs with Under Cabinet Lighting
• Signature Card Signed by Pat Lawlor & Jack Guarnieri
• Laser Etched Rule Card
• Additional Custom Speech by Annie Potts (Bo Peep)

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