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Guns n' Roses Collector's Edition

Guns N Roses
JJP Flyer Godfather LE.jpg
JJP Flyer Godfather LE.jpg

Bi-Directional ball travel Lift Ramp

Appetite for Destruction Mirrored RadCal Cabinet Art Package
Appetite-Purple Powder Coat + Laser-cut Cabinet Trim
Purple Emotion Plastic Set
Hand Drawn Band vs Barron CE Mirrored Backglass
Individually Numbered and Limited to 500
600+ Individually Controlled RGB LEDs
JJP Sparkle Gibson Headstock Upper Playfield with 6 Ball Lock
4 Flippers
Individually Controllable RGB LED Hotrail Lighting
Triple-Kinetic Diverter Fender Bass Head Mini Playfield
Triple Path 4-String Bass Ramp Wireform
2 Full Motion Articulating RGB LED Stage Spotlights
High Hat and Cymbal Interactive Drum Kit Pop Bumper Toys
Analog + Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity
Shaker Motor
Signature Card Signed by Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash
Drumstick Ramp Signed by Frank Ferrer
Unique CE-Exclusive Playfield Artwork featuring JJP Sparkle
Skull and Rose Shooter-housing Sculpture
Individually Controllable RGB LED Under & Rear Cabinet Lighting Kit
Sideblades Interior Cabinet Artwork
60Watt JJP Sound Bar with Individually Controllable RGB LED Lit Topper
Rose Flowers Action Button Sculpture
COMA Outlane Ball Save Physical Lock-up Feature

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