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Venture into the fantasy world by visionary Jim Henson’s, Labyrinth. This cult classic from the 80s, featuring the iconic David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King, who has captured the imaginations of many.

Embark on this pinball adventure, as you encounter a cast of characters, including Hoggle, Sir Didymus, and Ludo, who can become your loyal companions “Should you need them” and prove invaluable allies as you navigate the labyrinth filled with outrageous creatures and unknown dangers.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the castle beyond the Goblin City, where Jareth awaits. You’ll face numerous challenges and obstacles. These challenges will involve solving riddles, and the ever-shifting paths of the labyrinth, and outsmarting cunning adversaries. Each successful conquest will earn you an Orb, which is essential for progressing deeper into the labyrinth.

The journey through the Labyrinth is not only a test of wit and courage but is your own adventure. A world where fantasy and reality intertwine, where your determination and resourcefulness are your greatest assets. With your newfound friends and the Orb’s power, you can inch closer to your goal and confront the enigmatic Goblin King.

Entering the fantastical collectible pinball world of “Labyrinth”, limited to just 1,100 games worldwide, promises to be an enchanting and unique experience. Where the magic of Jim Henson’s visionary world meets the tactile and immersive thrill of pinball gameplay. Each flip of the flippers, bump of the ball, will transport you into the heart of the Labyrinth.

Immerse yourself in the iconic scenes and Music from the movie, reliving key moments and challenges from the film. Complete with interactive features and toys that will transport you to the world of Labyrinth while appreciating the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating this limited collectible.

So, for those lucky enough to acquire one of these 1,100 units, may your adventure through the “Labyrinth” pinball world be a one-of-a-kind experience, filled with the same wonder and excitement that the movie brought to fans for decades.

Sculpted Goblin King Castle
Sculpted Goblin City and Hidden Ludo Toy
Goblin city, magnet Diverter
Goblin Gate Fork Trap
Humongous Smart Drop Target
Sculpted Humongous toy guard
Goblin Gate Spinner
Brick Keeper lift ramp and hidden home (scoop). Beware the Brick Keeper’s and their tricks
Begger Magnet
Bog Scoop
Helping hands scoop
Sir Didymus staff Up post. Befriend Sir Didymus and allow him to save your ball.
3 ramps, goblin city wireform, metal right return ramp and wireform, and middle ramp
Two firey appearing toys
Sculpted Ello Worm Toy
Ello Appearing Post
Sculpted doors with knockers scene
Physical Ball Path Diverter
Sculpted Wise Man and Smart Drop Target. Complete his quests for special awards.
Wireform Skill Ramp with multiple Skill Shots
Mirror plastics
14.9 LCD backboard for a true expanded world under glass
Playfield art by Johnny Bergeron aka Johnny Crap
backglass featuring the goblin king himself, David Bowie by Nate Hallinan, or Mirrored “should you need us” alternative Backglass by Johnny Bergeron.
Powder coat pinball trim
Matching powder-coat LCD speaker panel with 15.6 LCD with labyrinth laser-cut speaker vents.
Light-up speakers
Crystal ball flipper buttons
Fanless power Supply
Fast Pinball controller System

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