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Raw Thrills & Play Mechanix are excited to introduce a significant update to Big Buck Hunter: Reloaded!
The update will add the below content to the game:
The Walking Dead - Experience the heart-pounding arcade game from Raw Thrills & Play Mechanix, based on the hit AMC television series, in its entirety on Big Buck Hunter: Reloaded - escape the zombie-infested prison!
Caribou - Travel to the Northern Lights to hunt the majestic Caribou, as well as the new Gray Wolf Dangerous Trophy, in Big Buck Hunter: Reloaded's newest animal adventure!
6 Bonus Games - Enjoy 3 all-new Big Buck Hunter bonus games - Granny's Bootleg, Mugshot & Trash Bandit - and 3 new zombified bonus games - Brain Blaster, Headshot & Park After Dark!

Big Buck Hunter®: RELOADED! This definitive entry in the series features more content than you can shake a stick at – including new hunts (Zombie Deer), new weapons (Bow Hunting), and new story-driven campaigns – including The Walking Dead, In Case of Monsters: Lost Island and Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission! No matter where your adventure takes you, get there faster with a new player-friendly interface – and enjoy it all in a new, eye-catching cabinet design! Get connected and enjoy the competitive online features that made Big Buck Hunter the first name in arcade Esports. All this and a new money-saving business model!

Exclusive Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission Cabinet Topper comes standard with all new Reloaded panorama games. Includes new assembly for glowing LED eyes, replaces existing Big Buck HD light blocker, and easily mounts to your cabinet. Topper will NOT fit the new Reloaded Mini.



Big Buck Hunter® RELOADED Panorama
Location – 86″H x 31.5″W x 51.7″D

Big Buck Hunter® RELOADED Mini
Location – 90.2″H x 41.4″W x 30.7″D

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