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Pinhedz Glass Cleaning Kit

Pinhedz Glass Cleaning Kit

Pinhedz Anti-Reflective Glass Cleaning Kit


Premium Series – Premium products specifically designed for the high end collector who wants to provide maximum protection and visual brilliance to their collection. Pinhedz provides only the highest quality products which are trusted on even the highest quality restores.


Pinhedz Anti-Reflective Glass Cleaner – Pinhedz Premiume Anti-Reflective Glass Cleaner is specifically designed for all glass types including anti-reflective glass.  Removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints.  Pinhedz glass cleaner is safe for use with brands such as HD Glass, Invisiglass, Voodoo Glass, Magic glass and many others.


Premium Microfiber –  Lint free and scratch free designed for cleaning and wiping down your pinball machine’s HD glass without risk of damage. Super soft and absorbent and will not cause scratches when used properly.

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