King Kong of Skull Island

Raw Thrills takes the Virtual Reality experience to the next level with King Kong of Skull Island™ VR!

A truly cinematic VR adventure blockbuster that features:


-Fully automated VR operation.


-3 interactive action packed episodes which keep players coming back over and over again.


-Use your hands to naturally interact with King Kong’s world like never before!


-Ultimate VR graphics with 4K HP REVERB2 headsets, that include a 2 year warranty.


-Experience dazzling 3-D visual effects using dual HP supercomputers.

The Raw Thrills VR experience is unlike any other on the market with:


-AirRide(™) motion system that provides maximum excitement and proven reliability.


-AirForce(™) air jet system for intense speed and special effects.


-Stay safe with a protective face mask and wipe dispensers built into the cabinet.


-Instantly attract players with both 55″, and 43” LED HD Showcase Monitors!

The ultimate Virtual Reality action adventure is here now – King Kong of Skull Island™ VR!

  • King Kong of Skull Island VR is a cinematic interactive VR experience!

  • Dazzling 3D visual effects

  • Exciting motion seat action

  • Cutting edge VR displays

  • Movie-style excitement into a fully-automated cabinet for the arcades

  • Built-in protective mask dispenser

  • Players assume the role of the vehicle driver as they travel through Skull Island, encountering creatures and danger along the way

  • Both players view the world from the driver perspective

  • Interactive scenes are placed throughout the journey. These scenes will prompt players to move their arms to succeed. They have different outcomes based on success or failure.

  • Currently 3 planned chapters, each chapter is approximately 3:30-4:00 minutes long

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King Kong of Skull Island™ VR

Location – 114.17”H x 49.50”W x 122.34”D

120V / 60Hz : 10A each inlet (20A total)

230V / 50Hz : 5A each inlet (10A total)