Guns n' Roses Standard Edition

Guns N Roses

21 Full-Length Studio Master Recordings of GNR Favorites
Exclusive Original Pinball Music created and performed by Slash
Exclusive Original Instrumentation and Sound Effect Recordings performed by Slash,
Duff McKagan, and Richard Fortus
Game Narration By Duff McKagan and Melissa Reese
Additional Voice Recording by Axl Rose, Slash, Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer,
Dizzy Reed and GnR announcer MC Bob
Timed Play option for every song
Original Hand-Drawn digitally printed Playfield, Cabinet, and Backglass Artwork
Live Footage and Concert Screen Animations from the Not In This Lifetime World Tour
Showcased on the 27” Backbox Display
Jukebox Attract Mode Option
New JJP Hotrails -Illuminable Non-Destructively Mountable Side Rails
Selectable Content Settings: Family Friendly(default), Adult-Adds explicit songs, video
content, and voice work
120 Watt 2.1 Stereo Sound System
Bluetooth Headphone and WIFI Connectivity
Drumstick Ramp: 2 Real Frank Ferrer Thunderchucker Vater Drumsticks
Divertable Ramp(s)
2 Chrome Catwalk Steel Return Ramps
Inner Loop Jump Ramp
Direction-Sensing Spinning Platinum Record Playfield Toy
Sculptures: Slash’s Iconic Top Hat, Screaming Axl Rose, Concert Speaker Stack
2 Guitar Pic-shaped RGB Lit Spinners
30 RGB GNR Hexagonal Stage Lighting
1 Exposed Core Playfield Magnet
3 pop bumpers
Lockdown Bar Action Button
Skill-Challenging Extra Ball shot
7” Stage Display Showcasing Additional Game Rules and Animations
All 21 Concert Songs playable as Multiball
5 Additional Unique Multiball Modes
4 Concert Booster Modes
4 Unique GNR Album Modes
Not In This Lifetime Final Wizard Mode
Familiar In-Song Performance Assessment Rock-it Meter
New Non-Mechanical Ball Sensors
75+Mini-insert LEDs for World Tour Map and Music Notes
Unique Guaranteed-Progress Inlane Configuration
COMA Area Outlane Ball Save
Toolless Moveable/Removeable Magnetic Rule and Pricing Cards

Monsterized Roadsters Cabinet Art Package
Black Textured Powder Coat
Blood Red Plastic Set
Hand-Drawn Monsterized Band SE Backglass
Unlimited Production
200+ Individually Controlled RGB LEDs
Full Band On Stage Illuminable Toy
3 Flippers
Bright White LED Controllable Hotrail Lighting
Laser-etched Glowing Fender Bass Ramp Decoration